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Course Advice & Degree Structure

This page will give you an overview on how to structure your degree in Business Economics, Economics, or Finance.  More details on each of these are available via the links under “Course Advice and Planning”.

More detailed information is available in the Department Handbook (download via the link in the lefthand menu, or collect a hard copy from reception).

Basic structure of a degree in Business Economics, Economics or Finance

There are important differences between these three different majors and the paths that they lead to but there are also some common areas.  Students who are unsure about which path they would like to choose can keep all of their options open by taking the following courses in their first year:

ECON 104            Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 105            Introduction to Macroeconomics
STAT 101             Statistics I
ACCT 102             Accounting and Financial Information

What other courses should I take?

The answer to that question depends on your likely interests and aspirations.  Have a look at the links to the different options on the left.

Do I need to have taken Economics at high school?

No, you don’t.  It is helpful but certainly not essential and for a large number of first year students, the 100-level Economics courses are their first exposure to Economics and they do just fine.  The same is true for Statistics and Accounting.

Do I need to take MATH?

Some pathways do require mathematics.  If you have taken Mathematics (with calculus) to year 13 then taking MATH 102 keeps open these pathways.  However, if you wish to wait and see how your first year goes, then you can delay taking any required MATH papers until your second year.  The minimum maths requirement for a Finance major is MATH 101.

Most importantly…

If you have any questions you should seek some advice.

For Undergraduate Economics contact:

Photo of Stephen Hickson

Mr Stephen Hickson
Business & Law building, Room 422
Phone 364 2847 ext. 6847

For Undergraduate Finance contact:

Photo of Deb Reed

Dr Debra Reed
Business & Law building, Room 403
Phone 364 2744 ext. 6744

For Post-Graduate Economics contact:

Photo of Andrea Menclova

Dr Andrea Menclova
Business & Law building, Room 427
Phone 364 2823 ext. 6823

For Master of Applied Finance & Economics (MAFE) or Post-Graduate Finance contact:

Photo of Glenn Boyle

Prof Glenn Boyle

Business & Law building, Room 435
Phone 364 3479 ext. 3479