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Erskine Visitors

The Erskine Fellowships are used to bring distinguished visitors from around the world to University of Canterbury, including the Department of Economics and Finance. Visitors under the Erskine scheme receive a return economy airfare (as do partners of Fellows subject to some conditions) and a per diem allowance for the duration of their visit. Fellows normally stay for between one month and three months. The department has up to five Erskine visitors each year.

Current and past Erskine visitors.

Visiting Erskine Fellows to the Department of Economics and Finance






  • Professor Douglas W. Allen, Simon Fraser University
  • Subjects: Property rights, institutional economics, law and economics, contracts

  • Associate Professor Joel Harper, Oklahoma State University
  • Subjects: International financial management, corporate finance, research methods in finance and financial institutions, pension plan management

  • Associate Professor Duncan James, Fordham University
  • Subjects: Experimental methods in economics and finance, asset pricing,venture capital financing, decision-making under uncertainty, structure and operation of market institution, combinatorial auctions, incentive-compatible value elicitation, Dutch auctions

  • Professor Kenneth M. Kletzer, University of California, Santa Cruz
  • Subjects: International economics, consequences of international financial market integration for welfare, growth and national policy autonomy, open economy fiscal policy, international trade, financial crises, sovereignty and international financial flows, fiscal implications of economic integration

  • Professor Michael LaCour-Little, California State University, Fullerton.
  • Subjects: Real estate finance and economics, valuation of mortgages and mortgage-backed securities, mortgage default, subprime lending and the housing bubble

  • Professor Ruth Towse, CIPPM Bournemouth University
  • Subjects: Cultural economics and the economics of copyright.


  • Professor Mark Browne, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    Subjects: Risk Management and Insurance
  • Professor Simon Gaechter, University of Nottingham
    Subjects: Behavioural and experimental economics; organisational and labour economics and game theory
  • Professor Jean Helwege, University of South Carolina
    Subjects: Empirical corporate finance (financial distress, bankruptcy, capital structure. IPO's); corporate bond pricing
  • Professor John Nofsinger, Washington State University
    Subjects: Behavioural finance; international finance; investor behaviour; governance
  • Professor Ronald Oaxaca, University of Arizona, USA
    Subjects: Labour economics; applied econometrics; applied microeconomics
  • Professor Roger Stover, Iowa State University
    Subjects: Corporate finance; financial institutions


  • Associate Professor Stratford Douglas, West Virginia University
    Subjects: Energy Economics, Applied Econometrics
  • Associate Professor Daniela Puzzello, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Subjects: Economic Theory, Monetary Theory, Mathematical Economics, General Equilibrium
  • Professor Timothy Cason, Purdue University
    Subjects: Experimental, auctions, behavioral, environmental, game theory, IO
  • Associate Professor Jack Cooney, Texas Tech University
    Subjects: Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Institutions, Financing Emerging Businesses, Commercial Bank Management, Credit Institutions, Mathematics of Finance

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