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Why Study Economics or Finance @ UC

Haere mai, nau mai.

Welcome to the School of Business & Economics. We are a vibrant community where research and learning is fascinating and fun. Prospective postgraduate students should visit the postgraduate section of the website.

Choice of Diverse Courses

The Economics and Finance majors offered by UC at the undergraduate level provide a broadbased introduction to Business. We offer a diverse range of courses from which students mix-n-match to suit their needs and interests. The diversity continues at postgraduate level, where students choose amongst our specialist subject majors.

Options for Undergraduates

Undergraduate students may study Economics as part of three different degrees.

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Undergraduate Degrees

A Major in Economics

For a major in Economics, in addition to satisfying the general faculty degree requirements, a student must pass
(1) ECON 202 or ECON 207
(2) ECON 203 or ECON 208
(3) ECON 206

A Major in Finance

For a major in Finance, in addition to satisfying the general faculty degree requirements, a student must pass

(1) ACCT 102
(2) FINC 201 and FINC 203
(3) At least 60 points of 300-level Finance, which must include at least two of FINC 301, FINC 311, and FINC 312.



Double Degrees

Students may enrol in any two degrees concurrently and cross-credit courses in common up to a maximum of 120 points (not including 300 level courses).

Students who are enrolled in the LLB and another degree (BA, BCom or BSc) can take advantage of some additional sharing provisions in order to complete both degrees in five years.  See a student advisor for further details.

Other double degree combinations include B.Com/B.A.; B.Com/B.E.; B.Com/ Bachelor of Forestry Science.

How do I Enrol?

The enrolment process at University of Canterbury is very easy. The first step is the look at the UC New Students website which has all the information you need.

Scholarships and Awards

Courses in Economics & Finance

Course Advice - Designing your Degree

Career Options

There are wide-ranging employment opportunities in positions and companies ranging from Statistics New Zealand, Commerce Commission, Ministry of Health, Telecom, Investment Banks, and Economic Consultancy Firms to name a few.

Graduates in Economics and Finance find employment in many areas of government and business, where it is recognised that an economist's education provides valuable specialist training for a professional career as well as a good general preparation and background for an executive or administrative career.

Professional economists are employed to conduct research and advise on economic matters in various organisations. Even if you do not gain employment in these areas, an Economics or Finance degree indicates you have abilities such as innovative and logical thinking which are attractive to many other employers.

UC Careers and Employment website can provide further information.



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