Information for Undergraduates - Economics and Finance - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Undergraduate Students

Scholarships and Prizes

There is a range of scholarships available, and all are worth investigating by students as they all have different criteria for selecting the recipient. You do not have to be at the top of the class to have a chance of success.

Course and Degree Planning


General email enquiries can be sent to: or contact one of these staff members:

For Undergraduate Economics contact:

Photo of Stephen Hickson

Mr Stephen Hickson
Business & Law building, Room 422
Phone 364 2847 ext. 6847

For Undergraduate Finance contact:

Photo of Deb Reed

Dr Debra Reed
Business & Law building, Room 403
Phone 364 2744 ext. 6744

For Post-Graduate Economics contact:

Photo of Alfred Guender

Dr Alfred Guender
Business & Law building, Room 430
Phone 364 2519 ext. 6519

For Master of Applied Finance & Economics (MAFE) or Post-Graduate Finance contact:

Photo of Glenn Boyle

Prof Glenn Boyle

Business & Law building, Room 435
Phone 364 3479 ext. 3479

Additional Contacts


  • Library Commerce Portal
  • Academic Skills Centre - The Academic Skills Centre (ASC) is a free advisory service and resource hub that focuses on writing and study strategies to maximise student achievement at all levels—from first-year through to PhD. We offer individual consultations with a learning advisor to discuss a specific assignment, as well as workshops, seminars, lectures, and online resources on critical thinking and writing in the university context—everything from the correct use of semi-colons, to creating a citations list, to subject-specific styles of discourse.