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Economics Department Research Interest List

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Dr Warwick Anderson
Ph.D. University of Canterbury
Primary fields of interest:
Research Topics: Dividend signalling; share price behaviour associated with information events; decision-making under uncertainty (prospect theory, expected utility theory, etc.).

Professor Glenn Boyle
Ph.D. University of Texas
Primary fields of interest: Finance
Research Topics: Financial incentives and agency problems; corporate governance and executive compensation; real options; corporate finance and animal economics.

Associate Professor Jeremy Clark
Ph.D. Cornell
Primary fields of interest: Environmental economics, experimental economics, public economics, and welfare economics.
Research Topics: Time and price allocation of merit goods; time and money pricing of parks spaces; preferences for fairness in public good allocation; disadvantage and expectations formation; regulation and non-market valuation; fairness and other-regarding preferences and addiction.

Dr. Eric Crampton
Ph.D. George Mason
Primary fields of interest: Public choice, public economics, applied microeconomics, and political economy.
Research Topics: Partisan patterns in grant distribution; linkages between voter preferences and economic policy outcomes and effects of expressive voting.

Dr Kuntal Das
Ph.D. University of California Santa Cruz
Primary fields of interest: Macroeconomics
Research Topics: International economics; applied econometrics; public finance; corporate finance.

Dr. John Fountain
Ph.D. Stanford
Primary fields of interest: Microeconomic theory, health economics, experimental economics, public choice, and Bayesian statistics.
Research Topics: Bayesian statistical decision theory; scoring rules in experimental economics; decision theory and health economics; and applying De Finetti’s fundamental theorem of prevision in game theory.

Associate Professor Alfred Guender
Ph.D. North Carolina
Primary fields of interest: Macroeconomics, and monetary economics.
Research Topics: Monetary policy in small open economies.

Dr. Philip Gunby
Ph.D. Western Ontario
Primary fields of interest: Microeconomics, industrial organisation, imperfect information, economics of education, and technological change.
Research Topics: Market-based school reforms; economics of learning from technological failure; occupational safety and health regulations and quality assurance standards.

Mr. Robin Harrison
M.Sc. London School of Economics
Primary fields of interest: Time series analysis and applied econometrics.
Research Topics: Hedonic price model of the New Zealand housing market.

Dr. Seamus Hogan
Ph.D. Canterbury
Primary fields of interest: Microeconomics, public sector economics, health economics, and monetary policy.
Research Topics: The impact of population ageing on the health system and the usefulness of self-assessed health as a measure of population health.

Dr. Philip Meguire
Ph.D. Chicago
Primary fields of interest: Macroeconomics, fiscal policy, applied econometrics and statistics, and boolean algebra and mathematical logic.
Research Topics: Updating the ACA time series consumption function for the USA; modifications to the flat tax of Hall-Rabushka; boundary methods in mathematics and logic and a biography of Richard M. Martin (1916-85).

Dr Andrea Menclova
Ph.D. University of New Hampshire
Primary fields of interest:
Research Topics:

Dr. Laura Meriluoto
Ph.D. Simon Fraser
Primary fields of interest: Industrial organization.
Research Topics: Network economics, externalities and how to internalise them in telephone networks; vertical integration in electricity markets; exclusive dealing and technical barriers to trade.

Professor Les Oxley
Ph.D. Tilburg
Primary fields of interest: Applied econometrics, technological change and growth, energy economics, and economic history.
Research Topics: Cliometrics; economics of innovation; knowledge and economic growth and winners and losers in the knowledge society.

Professor Bob Reed
Ph.D. Northwestern University
Primary fields of interest: Taxes and economic growth, applied econometrics.
Research Topics: Taxes and economic growth; Monte Carlo evaluation of model selection algorithms; Monte Carlo evaluation of panel data estimators; Chinese economy.

Dr. Steven Tucker
Ph.D. Purdue
Primary fields of interest: Experimental economics, microeconomics, public economics, and international economics.
Research Topics: An experimental study of international public goods; experimental studies of bubble formation in assets markets; an experimental study of over-bidding in auctions and the effect of shame on contributions in a VCM game.

Dr. Richard Watt
Ph.D. Madrid
Primary fields of interest: Applied microeconomic theory, industrial organisation.
Research topics: The economics of risk and risk sharing; the economic theory of insurance markets; the economics of intellectual property

Associate Professor Alan Woodfield
M.Com. Canterbury
Primary fields of interest: Applied microeconomics, law and economics, public economics, industrial organisation, and imperfect information.
Research Topics: Court errors and the structure of New Zealand’s Health and Safety in Employment Act, bidding behaviour under post-contractual opportunism, copyright piracy under alternative royalty regimes, and the role of information in school choice.