Dr Maroš Servátka - People - Economics and Finance - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Dr Maroš Servátka


Associate Professor
Director of the New Zealand Experimental Economics Laboratory (NZEEL)
Member of Editorial Board, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics


M.A. (Quantitative Methods) Warsaw School of Economics (2000)
M.A. (Economics) University of Arizona (2002)
Ph.D. (Economics) University of Arizona (2006)


Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand Early Career Research Excellence Prize 2011

College of Business and Economics Early Career Researcher of the Year Award 2010



Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 364 2825
Internal Phone: 6825
Email: maros.servatka@canterbury.ac.nz

Postal address:
Department of Economics and Finance
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
Christchurch 8140
New Zealand

Undergraduate Courses

ECON 322-S2 Game Theory | ECON 332-S2 Economics and Psychology |
ECON 334-S2 Labour Economics

Graduate Courses

ECON 667-S2 Behavioural Economics

Research Interests

  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioural Economics

Working papers

"Deadlines, Procrastination, and Inattention in Charitable Giving: A Field Experiment," with Stephen Knowles and Trudy Sullivan, 2015 [download]

"Honesty and Informal Agreements," with Martin Dufwenberg and Radovan Vadovič, 2015 [download]

"Investment in Outside Options as Opportunistic Behavior: An Experimental Investigation," with Hodaka Morita, 2014 [download]

"Does Group Identity Prevent Inefficient Investment in Outside Options? An Experimental Investigation," with Hodaka Morita, 2014 [download]

"Status Quo Effects in Fairness Games: Reciprocal Responses to Acts of Commission vs. Acts of Omission" with James C. Cox and Radovan Vadovič, 2012 [download]


"Transaction Costs, the Opportunity Cost of Time and Procrastination in Charitable Giving," (with Stephen Knowles), Journal of Public Economics, forthcoming. [download]

"The House Money Effect and Negative Reciprocity," (with Katarína Danková), Journal of Economic Psychology, forthcoming. [download]

"How Competitive are Female Professionals? A Tale of Identity Conflict," (with Bram Cadsby and Fei Song), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 92, 2013, 284-303. [download]

“An Examination of the Effect of Messages on Cooperation under Double-Blind and Single-Blind Payoff Procedures,” (with Cary Deck and Steven Tucker), Experimental Economics, 16, 2013, 597–607. [download]

"Group Identity and Relation-Specific Investment: An Experimental Investigation," (with Hodaka Morita), European Economic Review, 58(2), 2013, 95-109. [download]

"Building Trust – One Gift at a Time," (with Steven Tucker and Radovan Vadovič), Games, 2(4), 2011, 412-433. Special Issue on Fairness in Games. [download]

"Words Speak Louder Than Money," (with Steven Tucker and Radovan Vadovič), Journal of Economic Psychology, 32(5), 2011, 700–709. [download]

“Understanding Credit Risk: A Classroom Experiment,” (with George Theocharides), Journal of Economic Education, 42(1), 2011, 79-86. [download][appendix] [supplementary material]

“Gender and Generosity: Does Degree of Anonymity or Group Gender Composition Matter?” (with C. Bram Cadsby and Fei Song), Experimental Economics, 13(3), 2010, 299-308. [download]

“Saliency of Outside Options in the Lost Wallet Game,” (with James C. Cox and Radovan Vadovič), Experimental Economics, 13(1), 2010, 66–74. [download]

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“Vertical Integration of Successive Monopolists: A Classroom Experiment,” (with Narine Badasyan, Jacob K. Goeree, Monica Hartmann, Charles Holt, John Morgan, and Dirk Yandell), Perspectives on Economic Education Research, 5(1), 2009. [download]

“Experiments on Fairness and Reputation: Dissertation Abstract,” Experimental Economics, 10(2), 2007, 199-200. [download]


Guest Editor, New Zealand Economic Papers: Special Issue on Experimental Economics, Volume 43, Issue 2, August 2009 (with Charles Noussair and Steven Tucker). [content]