Eric Crampton's Furlings

Furl is one of the most useful web utilities in existence; it's probably the best thing out there other than Google. Whenever I run into a webpage I have any reason to think I'd ever want to be able to find again quickly, I furl it. Tired of newspaper articles that disappear after two weeks? Furl 'em! My furled documents are linked below, with clippings from the 10 most recent documents.

The title line of each item provides the source item date, the source, and its title. Clicking the link sends you to the source page; however, some of the sources are subscription only (like the National Post, indicated as NP). The # link sends you to the furl archive for that item. The next line provides the date on which I furled the item. The subsequent line provides any comments I might have had on the item (if any); a clipping from the item follows that.

My Furl Archive provides clippings from all of those pages as well as a nicer interface. Furl's completely free and easy to use; sign up!

Crampton's furl archives can also be accessed below.


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