Seminar Schedule 2017 - Economics and Finance - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Seminar Schedule 2017

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All seminars will be given on Friday in Law 105 (Business and Law Building) unless stated otherwise. All seminars run from 3:00pm - 4.20pm unless stated otherwise. The list of scheduled seminars for the remainder of the 2017 academic year will be updated periodically. The seminar organiser is Robin Harrison.


24 Feb
Sanghyun Hong (UC PhD candidate)
Liquidity and Asset Prices


3 Mar
Mark Carrodus & Glenn Boyle, UC
To carry or not to carry, that is the question

17 Mar
Jim Alm, Tulane University
Is Public Economics Useful for Public Policy?

24 Mar
Andy Puckett, University of Tennessee
The Performance of Institutional Investor Trades Across the Supply Chain

29 Mar (Law 409)
Justus Haucap Heinrich-Heine, University in Dusseldorf
Selling Gasoline as a By-Product: The Impact of Market Structure on Local Prices

31 Mar
Jianhua Duan, UC
PhD proposal presentation



5 May (Law 105, 12 - 5pm)
1st Hons/MCom presentations

12 May
Andrea Menclova & Ann Brower; UC and Lincoln University
Does the relationship between research performance and academic rank differ by gender in New Zealand universities? 

19 May
David Racz, Corvinus University of Budapest 
Performance Measurement of Actively Managed Investment Funds

26 May
Asaad Ali, UC
PhD proposal presentation


2 Jun
Ray Rees, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
How do Entrepreneurial Portfolios Respond to Income Taxation: Theory and Evidence

9 Jun
Tom Coupe and Natalia Chaban;  UC and NCRE
The impact of the European Song Contest on European Identity

16 Jun (Law 409)
Alfred Guender, UC
Credit Prices vs. Credit Quantities as Predictors of Economic Activity in Europe: Which Tell a Better Story?


17 Jul (Monday, Law 108, 5:30 - 6:30pm)
2017 Condliffe Memorial Lecture
Andrew Atkeson, UCLA
A Historical Perspective on the Challenge of Regulating Large Banks

21 Jul
Dennis Wesselbaum, Otago
Macroprudential Regulation and Bubbles; Estimated DSGE model and counterfactual analysis of different macroprudential policies

28 Jul (College Lounge, Law 236)
Bob Reed, UC
The Problem With Hypothesis Testing


4 Aug
Warwick Anderson, UC
’If Not, Why Not' Form of Governance: Do Firm-specific Variables explain the Nature of Justification?

7 Aug (Monday, Law 105, 3pm)
Robert Webb, University of Virginia
The Impact of Latency Sensitive Training on High Frequency Arbitrage Opportunities

11 Aug
Bill Rea, UC
Network Methods and Private Investor Portfolios

18 Aug
Richard Watt and Ben Davies, UC
Bundling and Insurance of Independent Risks

25 Aug
Anindya Banerjee, University of Birmingham, with Victor Bystrov and Paul Mizen
Structural factor analysis of interest rate pass through in four large euro area economies


15 Sept (Law 409, 12 - 5pm)
2nd Hons/MCom presentations

22 Sept
Presentation to undergraduate students about postgraduate programmes in our Department

29 Sept
Joanna Cobley, UC PBRF Advisor
PBRF Plan for Economics


6 Oct
Rian Hilmawan (PhD progress)
An investigation of the resource curse in Indonesia

20 Oct
Devmali Perera, UC PhD Student
Essays on Agriculture Commodity Markets

27 Oct
Jan Feld, Otago